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Straightforward Legal Guidance You Can Trust

I have led my practice, Stan Gauthier, II A Law Corporation, with the goal of providing personalized attention to each and every one of my clients. With more than 40 years of experience, I have the seasoned insight needed to ensure your family and assets are protected. Throughout my career, I have helped people in Louisiana resolve many complex legal issues affecting their family, their assets and their freedom to pursue a life of their choosing, and I welcome the chance to help you too.

Today I center my practice on matters of successions, estate planning, real estate, business law and litigation. While I have handled and remain capable of handling multimillion-dollar estates and multimillion-dollar transactions, I devote my practice to helping working people, working couples and small businesses with various estate matters and small business transactions. To learn more about my experience, read my attorney profile at the following link:

Offering One-On-One Help During Times Of Need

I have lived and worked in the Lafayette community my entire life and understand the unique needs of local families and business owners during times of change, loss and conflict. When difficult circumstances threaten your family’s long-term assets and property, I am ready to serve as a trusted ally and legal partner.

There is no substitute for personal attention from an experienced attorney when dealing with matters of successions, estate planning and real estate. You can count on me to complete assignments in a timely fashion, return all calls and other client communications and create customized solutions for your unique circumstances and needs. In addition, I maintain your file for at least five years. Whether you need to conduct a transaction or go to court to resolve your dispute, I can help.

Help Is Available Now In Lafayette

When your family and your assets are at stake, I am ready to provide the straightforward care and guidance necessary to meet your needs. Call 337-205-7383 to discuss your issue today. You can also email me to set up an appointment in person or over the phone. We offer a discount for initial consultations.